Machine Shop Services in Drayton Valley and Surrounding Areas

Machine Shop Services in Drayton Valley and Surrounding Areas

Machining components is an important step in manufacturing. Advantage Manufacturing aims to give you the upper hand in your products’ quality by making superior parts through CNC milling or waterjet cutting.

We can create products of all sizes and measurements, and render them with precision. Our past work has included machining for trucking, oilfield, and construction industries. But our certified, experienced team and precision equipment can take on any kid of project.

You can trust us on small and large jobs.

CNC Mill & Lathe

CNC machining has taken non-mass produced component creation to another level when it comes to precision. It’s now possible to replace or make new parts without needing to produce a large quantity. Milling and lathe are its two most popular forms, and we offer both at Advantage Manufacturing.

Milling and lathe are different techniques. Milling is similar to drilling or cutting, but milling can do cutting in many directions. It’s a tool to make customized components because of its ability to create several shapes, holes, and other impressions. Lathe is similar, but it’s the piece that moves while the cutting tool remains stationary.

Both are run by computers, allowing precision engineering. Making small parts require extreme accuracy, and it’s something we can achieve by CNC milling or lathe. Either way, you can expect results to be the same as it was on the blueprint.

We also offer CNC machine repairs. We can come to your site to do the job, so you don’t have to worry about excessive downtime.

Waterjet Cutting

Our waterjet cutting system can pump out 50,000 psi of force. That means that we can cut through thick steel, granite, stone, tile, and more. We can create several products using waterjet, and we do so with precision that your products can go from the workshop to your site and be ready for use.

This industrial tool is a good alternative to several cutting methods where material distortion is a big risk, and the edges are less finished. It’s also possible to use unique materials with waterjet cutting, as long as the machine can still cut through.

Bring your ideas to us—and we’ll bring it to life through CNC mill/lathe or waterjet cutting.

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Waterjet Cutting

Even the toughest, thickest materials can’t stand up to our waterjet cutting process! Waterjet cutting enables us to cut through almost anything, including steel and stone, even enabling us to create designs and other decorative components.

Precision and power come together, resulting in fast, clean work that takes less time than heat cutting with a torch. Learn more about how we can use waterjet cutting to form custom tools, etch custom logos and much more.

If you have an idea for a project or a custom metal design, you can give us a call or stop by to learn more about how we can assist you.